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  • Michael Krieger

    President of End Business Consultants

    Michael Krieger is the President of End Business Consultants where he uses his multifaceted range of talents to spark business growth for his clients. He leverages his high aptitude for analyzing a business to provide a specific action plan that is ideal to the unique needs of each client he works with. Furthermore, he his highly passionate about fueling healthcare innovation as the Co-Founder and Chief Event Officer of Health Innovators. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Innovation & Technological Entrepreneurship from University of Massachusetts Lowell.

    His prime talents include:

    • Accounting & Profitability Analysis
    • Content & Social Media Marketing
    • Solar Energy Planning

About End Business Consultants

End Business Consultants offers a full range of business consulting services led by a team of multifaceted, experienced professionals. The journey in developing a business can be very challenging while exciting, and we are here to ensure that the process is easy and stress free as possible. We first conduct a thorough business analysis to recommend the most ideal solution to effectively grow your business. About the Owner

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