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How to Streamline Your Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Processes to Spark Business Growth

As much as your business is about people in addition to the interplay amongst your sales team, сlіеntѕ, рrоduсtіоn team, and vendors, the operations of your small business naturally result in money changing hands. Hopefully, incoming funds exceed the outgoing such that your business is profitable! Therefore, it is important to have the proper accounting processes in place for managing your business’ financial resources to facilitate business growth. A virtual bookkeeper can help you establish best practices for your company's Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, so that your vendors and other operating expenses аrе paid оn tіmе аnd уоur business can соntіnuе tо run ѕmооthlу.

6 Strategies to Double Your Sales Using Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is the most versatile and effective way to growing your sales levels when planned and executed strategically. Though, companies who do not strategically plan their Facebook advertising will likely just be throwing their money down a black hole as cost per click can vary by 700%. This social media platform has largely become a pay to play platform that offers little opportunity to get organic reach when not paying for advertising due to the limited space that is inherently available in Facebook’s newsfeed.

How To Improve Public Relations When Dealing With Angry Customers

Public Relations (PR) proactively builds relationships with the media and target consumers by communicating with the general public to elevate a company’s brand. In essence, PR boosts your marketing initiatives by influencing your current and prospective customer’s influence their decision of doing business with your company since it influences their perceptions. This can be extended to dealing with unhappy customers that may be vocal due to a problem that exists that will inevitably occur in your business.

8 Essential Steps to Attain an Ideal Mindset for Growing Your Business

People who start a new business venture possess a wealth of desirable traits and skills that compel them to embark on their new business ventures. Virtually without exception, they are very capable individuals who are naturally optimistic, passionate, creative, dedicated, highly-motivated, action-oriented, and are not afraid of hard work and long hours to transform their startup into a long-term sustainable business.

The 7 Secrets To Successful Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a critical part of a strategy to business success. The gears that drive inbound marketing is actually the realization that consumers do not want to be sold to, or rather they think that they don’t want to. In some instances, the consumer wants a “soft sell”, since they dislike being pressured to purchase.

Optimally Establish Business Relationships to Grow Your Business

Effectively establishing relationships with new customers is crucial in today's highly competitive business environment since you often only have one chance to make a good first impression with a new customer. The most common resolution is to offer a special sale may be a short term solution to drive more traffic to your establishment. If it is planned and executed properly, it will be powerful to improving your profit margin and growing your business.

How to Beat Burnout As A Small Business Owner

Small business owners often keep busy and irregular schedules to adhere to pressing deadlines and provide highest possible customer satisfaction. Since they have little or no time to relax and unwind, small business ownership frequently results in a decline of mental and physical well being regardless of their passion. Here are six ways to identify that you are experiencing burnout:

The 5 Most Effective Methods to Differentiate Your Business

Successful business owners differentiate their companies to effectively grow their business in competitive business environments by making their products or services appear unique thus more attractive, regardless of the size of the company. When businesses differentiate themselves, they target a segment of the market utilizing messages that make the product feel different from others in the market serving a similar purpose.

The Power of Differentiation In Your Business

Differentiation is a strategy used to beat competition by making your product appear unique thus more attractive. This strategy is perfect for small businesses seeking to eat into the market share of large corporations. When businesses differentiate themselves, they target a segment of the market utilizing messages that make the product feel different from others in the market serving a similar purpose.

The Power of Hosting Events for Your Business

Event hosting can be viewed as a way of promoting one’s business. Be it annually or bi-annually, businesses in different sectors, especially healthcare, technology, and finance, host events. Now, as a small business owner, you may be tempted to think that this only works for giant corporations and large businesses out there, but hosting events in a marketing plan greatly enhances your initiatives. Last I checked, marketing strategies are ‘for all’. It doesn’t matter if your business is small scale, take advantage of this opportunity that the bigger fries are taking and popularize your business and brand.

6 Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Solar

Ideas and executional details comes in different phases when it comes to your business going solar, as there are conflicting opinions as to the degree in which it is beneficial. To get to the brass tacks, solar раnеlѕ produce wonderful benefits for both the planet and building owners. Businesses that сhооѕе to go solar can enjoy benefits such as reduced energy costs, a decreased carbon footprint on the Earth, and an elevated brand because you are a "green" business, just to nаmе a few.

Here are some reasons why your business should go solar:

8 Clever Ways to Grow your Business on Instagram

With the rise of businesses marketing on social media, Instagram has not been spared as well. As I write this article, I’ll ask you one question, is your business on Instagram? After six years Instagram was launched, it has over 600,000,000 active users.

If you are seeking to grow your business via Instagram, here are some of the clever ways you can employ:

The Small Business Owner’s 4 Step Guide to Creating a Website

You have started a new business, but now you need to create your wеbѕіtе, and attract people to it. What about keeping it fresh? Do you know hоw tо dеvеlор a wеbѕіtе оnсе іt hаѕ bееn created?

Thіѕ mау ѕоund lіkе a silly іdеа but in rеаlіtу it's nоt. Thе bіg "guruѕ" do it, аnd іf іt works, then dоn't уоu think that you should dо it tоо? Yоu dоn't hаvе to соmрlеtеlу rеmоdеl your ѕіtе, but you dо nееd tо kеер it fresh.

Listed below are the best practices you can indulge in to develop your website:

Streamline your Business to Increase Your Bottom Line

Many businesses have inefficiencies in their business processes, and yet we are constrained since there's only 24 hours in a day, and 7 day in a week, and we likely need to sleep for at least 7 hours each day. We are also bound that there is only a finite amount of monetary resources that our company has to work with.

Create Your Own Website Easily

You need to create a website to better promote your business, but how can you do it? Read on and find some helpful advice in your considerations. When you put a website together, you want it to have a nice crisp and robust appearance. For starters, planning the design and content is the first step to success. How do you want your website to look? You should plan that your website has a consistent appearance to what your brand is. Make the color scheme of the website consistent with the color of your logo. What are your options to build it? You have a few possibilities. Here is what you could choose:

Have No Money to Start a Business? Try Affiliate Marketing!

We have met many people who have a dream of starting a business or can use some way of making some income on the side, but have very limited or no access to capital. While there are a few options that you may consider if you are in this situation, affiliate marketing has the greatest potential for success. Now, what is affiliate marketing?

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